About Me

Dave and his Yankee-loving mom

Dave Markowitz and Paula Markowitz

Once upon a time, when he was a young boy — a very long time ago — Dave got into a competitive argument with some playground pals who were flaunting their parents’ accomplishments. When Dave’s turn came ’round, he boasted, “Well, MY mom knows Ty Cobb’s lifetime batting average!” It’s not often a young man’s passion for baseball is fueled by his mother, but Dave’s Brooklyn Dodger-loving (now Yankee-loving) mother is one who lives and breathes the game. She imparted that love of baseball, as well as other sports (not including auto racing), to her youngest son, who grew up to be a newspaper sports journalist. Dave went to Boston University where he developed a deep love of the Red Sox. If he would have spent more time in class than at Fenway Park it’s likely he would have graduated with a higher GPA. Dave has covered sports as a writer and editor for more than 30 years working at newspapers in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Dave’s mission for “once upon a .406” is for it to be a place where baseball fans can meet and have honest, mature discussions year ’round. He hopes to provide unique observations and analysis of baseball that evokes emotion from his readers. This site is fueled in part by Dave’s love of baseball and in part by his mother’s, who at 83, rarely misses a Yankees game. Yes, she still knows Ty Cobb’s lifetime batting average as well as the significance of .406 in the title of this blog — Ted Williams’ batting average in 1941 (the last .400 season).

By Kelly Markowitz (Dave’s baseball-hating wife)
December 15, 2010

4 Responses to About Me

  1. John Goodlunis says:

    Next you will be telling me that Hagler beat Leonard…..

  2. Bill Pemstein says:

    Good stuff here; I read the Fred Talbot story (He from my home town of Falls Church, Va.

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