How they Rank: April 18

Previous ranking in parentheses (stats after Monday’s Red Sox-Jays game):

1. Texas (1): Rehabbing starter Brandon Webb says he’s willing to pitch out of the bullpen if he has to. Sporting of him considering he’s thrown four innings since 2008.

2. Philadelphia (2): Phillies are fourth in NL in on-base percentage (.348), but last in walks (37); leadoff batter Shane Victorino has but four.

3. N.Y. Yankees (3): Free-agent signee Pedro Feliciano likely out for year (shoulder); GM Brian Cashman says Mets “abused” Feliciano. Well, yes, but then: 1. why sign him? and 2. do the names Scott Proctor or Tanyan Sturtze mean anything to Cashman?

4. Colorado (4): Rockies win 12 of first 15, didn’t win 12th until Game 25 last year.

5. L.A. Angels (9): Dan Haren (4-0, 1.16 ERA) has walked but two in 31 innings — ironically both in his best start, a one-hit shutout of Cleveland.

6. Cincinnati (6): Funny thing about Ednson Volquez’s 29.25 first-inning ERA — it could be worse. He’s given up 13 runs,  but he’s left seven more runners on base.

7. Boston (7): Sox may only be 5-10, but compared to Bruins, they’re winning and scoring.

8. San Francisco (10): Giants recall Ryan Vogelsong from minors to replace Barry Zito — Vogelsong hasn’t pitched in majors since 2006 and hasn’t started in majors since 2004.

9. Atlanta (8): Braves have grounded into the fewest double plays in NL, which sounds good until you realize it’s because they don’t have many baserunners. They’re last in the NL with a .294 on-base percentage.

10. Florida (13):  Maybe Javier Vazquez’s problem wasn’t pitching in New York. He’s 1-1 with a 7.43 ERA and 11 walks in 13.1 innings for Marlins.

11. St. Louis (17): Ryan Franklin won’t be closing when Albert Pujols owns the team.

12. Kansas City (19): Kyle Davies frequently referred to as erratic. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hes been perfectly consistent. Consistently bad.

13. Chicago White Sox (5): Adam Dunn says he feels fine after his appendectomy, “I just stink.” If only his swing was as short and as accurate as his analysis, he wouldn’t be hitting .182 with 14 strikeouts in 41 at-bats.

14. Toronto (11): Jays lead the AL in walks allowed (61), and Brandon Morrow hasn’t yet made a start.

15. Milwaukee (12): Matt Gamel hitting .400, but unfortunately doing it in AAA where he’s learning to play first base, which he’ll man after Prince Fielder departs.

16. Cleveland (21): Say it while you can: first-place Indians.

17. Oakland (18): Pitching coach Ron Romanick said he tore a calf muscle — at a Little League clinic. Must have been some demonstration.

18. Tampa Bay (28): How big is Sam Fuld? Not very height-wise, but hometown New Hampshire paper is running a series of weekly updates.

19. L.A. Dodgers (14): L.A. Times reports Fox loaned Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt $30 million to meet payroll. Maybe McCourt should have asked Manny Ramirez when he had the chance.

20. Detroit (20): Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge keeps a Nicklas Lidstrom Red Wings jersey hanging in an adjoining locker. Too bad he doesn’t play more like him.

21. Washington (25): As Nats glory in sweep of Nyjer Morgan and Brewers, let it be pointed out big-money free agent Jayson Werth is hitting .200 with two home runs and 13 strikeouts.

22. San Diego (23): Padres GM Jed Hoyer takes in Class AA start of minor-leaguer Casey Kelly, centerpiece of Adrian Gonzalez trade, and sees six-inning, three-hit, 13-groundout performance. Sounds like a future Padre.

23. Chicago Cubs (22): After 9-5 loss to Rockies, pitcher Ryan Dempster says, “I’m sick and tired of this.” Yo, Ryan. Imagine how Cubs fans feel.

24. Minnesota (16):  Joe Mauer visits Twins before Sunday’s game and says he’s “still not feeling very good.” Neither is Twins’ offense, which is last in MLB in runs scored.

25. Baltimore (15): We can stop with all the stories that mention Buck Showalter and genius in the same sentence. After 6-1 start, Orioles have lost seven straight.

26. Pittsburgh (27): Good thing Kevin Correia isn’t getting paid by the strikeout. He had just seven in 20 innings going into Monday’s start.

27. Arizona (24): Manager Kirk Gibson says D’backs’ pitching “has to improve.” You think? D’backs last in ERA in NL at 5.55, 28th in MLB in runs allowed with 85. You want the pitching to improve? Get better pitchers.

28. N.Y. Mets (26): Manager Terry Collins says Rule 5 second baseman Brad Emaus will have a “set but unannounced” amount of at-bats to prove he can hit big-league pitching. Translation: Start hitting or start busing.

29. Houston (29): Astros reliever Aneury Rodriguez has suspension reduced from three games to two, no doubt because playing for the Astros is punishment enough.

30. Seattle (30): Mariners manager Eric Wedge told his players he wanted them to expect more from themseleves. Talk about unrealistic expectations.

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