Welcome, and batter up

It’s December. It’s cold. It’s six weeks since the Giants won the 2010 World Series, two months to spring training in 2011. Could there be a better time to start a baseball blog?

For me, no. From Cliff Lee to Carl Crawford to the Phillies’ rotation’s place in history to Crawford’s place in the legacy of perhaps baseball’s best-manned position (Duffy Lewis, Williams, Yaz, Rice, Greenwell, Manny, Bay and Darnell McDonald — wait who doesn’t belong here?), there’s no better time.

Yes, I’ll reference OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage; if my 83-year-old mother gets it, I think you should, too), but, no, I won’t OD on advanced sabermetrics stats like VORP or WAR (don’t ask). However, I won’t discount their import either. And no, I won’t reference some traditional stats like RBIs or runs scored without acknowledging the context.

I hope this blog will be a bit like an old watering hole in college, ironically enough called the Dugout, was for me: a place where baseball stories are told, and retold, and where new ones are unveiled (it was there that a shy member of the school’s maintenance crew would regale me with tales of Ted Williams, his favorite player. I’ve forgotten many of them, but I can remember the enthusiasm with which they were told). 

I hope you’ll particpate — with ideas, comments, with good-natured disagreement and the anecdotes just as dear to you. I look forward to listening and learning. Even if you’re a Yankees fan.

Thanks to my wife Kelly, without whose technical assistance this wouldn’t be possible. It’s enough for me to remember my password. Given her love of baseball, or lack thereof, this might be the last time she reads. I hope all of you will come back.

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4 Responses to Welcome, and batter up

  1. Bill Millar says:

    Great start. Looking forward to it.

    A little off topic, perhaps, but I wonder whether you might be penning a retrospective on Philadelphia-area predictions for the Nebraska-Oklahoma football game of 1971; we’ll soon be closing in on the 40th anniversary.

  2. Joanne Vita says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this! Swing batter!

  3. Willis says:

    “Hey, Sam . . . Carla wants to know where you put the shot-glasses.”

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